Would you like to have an awesome video for your company?

Just send me a request and we'll discuss what your video could look like and how an explainer video can help you with your business. We will hold this non-binding, free information discussion on Skype or by phone.


There are many different ways to present your company.  So, here are some examples of diverse styles. These can, of course, be mixed and matched, or we can design a very unique video based on your ideas, too.

Style 1: Avatar

The "Avatar" style is a real eye-catcher and at the same time very affordable for every budget!

Your video script could be something like this:

An animated avatar - representing your ideal customer - has a problem and finds the solution in your product or service.

The "Avatar" Style combines partially animated characters with your product images, your logo, videos, callouts and the like to tell your potential customer's ideal story.

Style 2: Hand

Hands can write and draw. They can put things into the picture and move them out again, they can type, press, snap and much more. All this can be done in the "hand" style, too.

People love to watch the hands as the pictures are created.

Whether in color or black and white, so-called "Doodle Scribes" are extremely popular and an excellent technique to explain relationships.

Style 3: Animation

Everything is always in motion with the "Animation" style!  The avatars are so alive and humanlike, because they walk, talk and do things - plus the perspectives can change constantly.  It zooms in and out, or whatever else you want.

Not only can cartoon avatars stand right in the center of the action, but also products, procedures and processes - precisely what you need. Present your video in your own corporate colors!

Free Style

The three techniques mentioned above are just a few of many possibilities.  Additionally, there are still many more great video tricks that can be used to back your concept in the right light, and they can also be mixed with one another.  Your imagination is not limited.  Here are a few examples of what else is possible:


Well over 100 videos were created by myVideo2go! Here are just a few examples of our satisfied customers.

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mV2g_Kunden-Logos-250x150_0.0 (2)
mV2g_Kunden-Logos-250x150_0.0 (7)
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mV2g_Kunden-Logos-250x150_0.0 (4)
mV2g_Kunden-Logos-250x150_0.0 (3)
mV2g_Kunden-Logos-250x150_0.0 (6)

As the year 2017 is going to end, soon, we would like to say thank you to Ms. Hohenwarter for the many awesome explainer videos she has been creating for us so far. By implementing these videos in our marketing strategy  we were able to boost the attention for our company and our products and also generated a lot of leads. We were also able to raise the conversion rate of our sales due to the videos. We are just preparing our marketing campaigns for the next year and there will of course be several orders for new videos, again.

 Deutscher Energiespardienst Vertriebs GmbH

We can highly recommend to work with Meike Hohenwarter. I personally appreciate her "all in one hand" service offering the marketing strategies AND the video service. Her pricing is very reasonable.

Mag. Susanne Höck


We are all flooded by advertisement on all levels. You, Meike have a great understanding of ease and humor to illustrate even serious and complexe topics in a light  and clear way! You get the essential message of services and products and call forth the interrest and attention of your audience with a great story line. Your experience, your enthusiasm, your trustworthiness and your professionality is something I do not hesitate to recommend! It is a pleasure working with you! Thank you! 

Arno Hollerer
Cranial Energetics

Ms Hohenwarter has realized my video requests in a very professional and unique way.
I have received a lot of positive feedback by my customers

Eva Hieret
3er Hof

Eva mit Schoko 2012


With myVideo2go you can easily create cool videos on a small budget. But if you happen to need something more, don’t hesitate to ask for it! It's important to me to keep the prices and services as simple and clear as possible. Therefore, the standard packages always contain the following features:



In order for your video to be a success, it is important to discuss your wishes and choices clearly.



You will recieve a clear concept, a script for the text and where appropriate, a storyboard, as well.


90 Seconds In Length

The base price always includes 90 seconds of video. Any additional charge is calculated in 10 second increments.

Icon_Full HD

Full HD

You will receive the finished Video in Full HD Format, which is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The video will be sent to you as an mp4 file.


Professional Voice Over

Your text is spoken by a professional speaker from our large pool. All languages are possible!



You choose your appropriate background music from a wide range of catchy, atmospheric and fun music.


Sound Effects

Sound effects are, in the truest sense of the word, a blast! They emphasize the event and the mood!


Fast Service

Who really wants to wait for a long time?  Therefore, your project will be completed as quickly as possible.  maximum waiting Time: 4 weeks.


In addition to these basic services, you can, of course, order anything your heart desires, including coaching to determine your ideal customer and customer approach, longer video runtime, celebrity speakers, translation into other languages, pressing to DVD, on-site recording, in fact (almost) anything your heart desires, with respective fees discussed at the beginning of our project.


from 960 €
  • Basic Price for 90 sec. Length
  • Features as Listed Above
  • Special Services on Request
  • Extra Fee per Additional 10 sec.: 80 €
  • All Prices Exkl. VAT


from 1.960 €
  • Basic Price for 90 sec. Length
  • Features as Listed Above
  • Special Services on Request
  • Extra Fee per Additional 10 sec.: 120 €
  • All Prices Exkl. VAT


from 2.460 €
  • Basic Price for 90 sec. Length
  • Features as Listed Above
  • Special Services on Request
  • Extra Fee per Additional 10 sec.: 160 €
  • All Prices Exkl. VAT


Have we got your attention? Are you curious? Then write a message right here and we can discuss your ideas. I am looking forward to our video project!

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